Rates and costs

We charge either a half-day or full-day rate. A half day is anything up to four hours duration. Longer periods are charged at a full day rate up to eight hours. We do not charge by the hour.


Training / Service Required

Half Day (4 hours)

Full Day (8 hours)

Instrument Training (S/E or M/E) £ 195 £ 375
Multi-Engine Training " "
Complex / Glass / High Performance " "
Safety Pilot (S/E or M/E, VFR or IFR) " "
Flight Review (formerly BFR) £ 195 (approx 3-4 hours*)
Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) £ 325 (approx 4-6 hours*)

* Approximate meet-up to saying goodbye times. Includes admin, ground prep, briefing, flight, debrief etc.

Some notes on the above:
1. Training is conducted on the owners aircraft. If required we may be able to source a suitable aircraft to conduct training in. The charge for using a third party aircraft will be at cost.
2. Adequate insurance must be in place to enable you to use your aircraft for training.
3. The above covers reasonable travel in the South East of the UK. Usual bases are North Weald (EGSX), Biggin Hill (EGKB) and Lydd (EGMD). We can come to any airfield in the South East within approximately 2 hours driving time of Canterbury, Kent. We will come to any airfield beyond that, however travel costs will be incurred.
4. Any expenses incurred (such as travel or overnight accommodation) will be charged at cost.
5. Training using our partner companies (especially on turboprops etc.) can incur a higher rate.

Have questions or need more information?

If you have any questions please see the FAQs page. If your question is not answered there then please contact us.