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Aviation is a small world and we know lots of pilots, instructors and companies who can provide training for just about any rating or licence you wish to obtain. The following are a few of our partner companies and what they can do for you.

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iflyfaa Run by Geraldine Smith-Cullen iflyfaa has been helping pilots to get their FAA licences for more than 15 years. Geraldine is a hugely experienced instructor and specialises in FAA Instrument Ratings. Based in East Anglia Geraldine has produced an excellent guide to FAA training in the UK. See the FAQs page for a link to purchase her booklet. Well worth the £20 in time saved!
OysterAir Specialists in EASA Instrument Ratings and Single Engine Turboprop Ratings. Oysterair is headed by Jonathan Shooter, a 7000 hour airline pilot, with 15 years of GA instruction. Jonathan's team can provide EASA Instrument Ratings from scratch or convert a FAA IR to an EASA IR as well as transferring TBM and PA46 Meridian Turboprop ratings to an EASA licence.
Safelog The most functional cross-platform synchronised pilot logbook system available. Safelog, known as 'the world's most trusted logbook system', is continuously improved and the very reasonable subscription covers all platforms and updates with no hidden fees. Fully featured, future proof and with excellent customer support, in our opinion this is one of the best systems on the market.
Swords Aviation Swords Aviation operate two ex-military Jet Provost aircraft and provide basic and advanced jet training including aerobatics, formation flying and tailchasing under a CAA approved syllabus. After qualifying members can take up friends and family. Richard Sullivan currently flies with Swords Aviation and visits many airshows in the UK over the summer months. Trial flights are available.
Lydd Aero A friendly club (and EASA ATO) based on the South East tip of the UK with easy access to the continent and an airport served by full ATC and instrument approaches. Bob Cox, the club CFI, has more than 6000 instructional hours and has helped many people convert foreign PPL's into an EASA equivalent. The club also manages several single engine aircraft groups for PPL holders.


Other useful links

FAA The FAA website contains useful information on safety matters and all the training manuals you need for flying training and current information circulars.
TSA The TSA operates the Alien Flight Student Program, a required security check for non-US citizens requiring flight training for certain FAA licences and ratings.
eCFR The complete FARs (14 CFR 1-200) in a new easy-to-read format. Subject areas are included making it easy to find the section you are looking for.
Flight Safety Flight Safety is a well known and highly regarded provider of FAA and EASA type ratings. The Farnborough site conducts FAA written knowledge tests.
CAA A wealth of information on all types of aviation-related regulation. Sign up for their email update service and regulatory notices arrive straight to your inbox.


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